Your job is to get your talent, well-known and receive booking through from casting directors, producers, advertising agencies and more. In the past, it was time-consuming and frustrating. Websites help, as well as Social Media. But -

Marketing experts will tell you the way to attract business is to have what your clients want, when they want it. You have to provide the right talent at the right time to the right people. If you present your talent professionally and expeditiously your bookings will increase. You know that.

Good news. That task has just become a lot easier.

Welcome to TAS800. This state of the art agency software connects you to thousands of industry professionals on their time, when they are ready to search for quality talent, while protecting your proprietary interests.

Here’s how -
Your talent automatically becomes part of 800Casting, a professional online portfolio containing more than 1,000 customizable fields. Your talent can upload up to 10 images, 10 video clips and 10 voice-over files as well as print and email their resume in a professional and acceptable format.

With membership in 800Casting, each talent is given a bar-coded identification number. Their multimedia profile is available to directors, casting directors, photographers and other industry professionals anywhere in the world on a daily basis via secured cyberspace connection. All they need to give audition directors is their ID number. No more lengthy forms to complete, scan, fax or email.

As part of our privacy policy, your talent’s personal information, including their address, phone number, and e-mail address are restricted. If clients require additional information, they must contact your agency.

When an industry professional keys in the parameters which fit your talent the best, their multimedia profile will appear instantly on their computer screen, anywhere in the world, any time of day, on location or in the studio, in L.A., New York, or abroad.

Your talent is exactly what they want —and they found it in a snap. That's the power of cyberspace harnessed by TAS800, part of the comprehensive 800Client system.

What's more, the industry professionals seeking your talent can request special auditions free of charge via electronic submission with the compatible Audition800, which interfaces perfectly with the TAS800. You can have your talent record and submit auditions via cyberspace, safely and securely. Those professionals can share that entry with their associates wherever they are, in studio or on location, then categorize that talent by name, role, or by your agency.

More and more industry professionals are utilizing the 800Client comprehensive package to locate, preview and audition quality talent via Electronic Submission. If your talent do not have an online portfolio, they are missing out on untold opportunities. The next time client seek quality talent for a production, TAS800 will put you a step ahead of the competition. Your agency is the one they will contact in order to locate the talent they want.

The best part? Your talent's multimedia profile can be revised or updated, free of charge at any time. An 800Casting profile is the best marketing tool you and your talent can ever utilize.

But, that’s not all...

TAS800 includes scheduling, job preparation, audition organization, Electronic Submissions, invoicing and interfaces with via QuickBooks for talent payment from any Internet connection

No need for multiple one-business-fits-all software programs which may not be compatible with each other or provide exactly what you need.

TAS800 is an all-in-one system specifically designed for talent agents and managers to save you time, money and ensure your talent gets noticed as well as organize and facilitate the business side of your agency.

Now, you can spend your valuable time seeking out more varied talent, while our technology markets them 24/7/365 to the right people at the right time plus helps you run your business smoothly. This innovative and comprehensive software is both MAC and PC compatible. Communicate via computer, IPhone, Droid or similar Smartphones.

Hundreds of talent agents and managers are already utilizing this amazing time-saving and comprehensive software to run their daily business. The combination of your customized agency software TAS800 and your talent’s 800Casting multimedia profile will place your agency in the  spotlight and generate more business than ever before in less time—and with less effort. Combined with Audition800, your agency can instantly provide industry professionals what they want, when they want it each and every time.

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"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this software.
The features are fantastic!!!! "

Kristi Stanfill | Wilhelmina
Charlotte, NC

"This is the most effective and powerful solution of its kind."

Joy Pervis | J. Pervis Talent Agency
LA, NYC, Atlanta

"The best part about 800Casting is that it interfaces our agency’s software, with the casting directors, production houses and industry professionals throughout Canada and beyond. The software is DYNAMITE!"

Carolyn Nikanen | Carolyn’s
Toronto, Canada

"Using TAS800 and putting our talent on 800Casting is the best thing that our agency ever did. TAS has literally allowed us to cut hours off of our day. By using it's well organized, user-friendly, and professional database, we have not only been able to do simple searches for things to get castings done faster, but our talent are showcased in such a multi-dimensional way, that clients no longer need to see them in person. Thanks to the support team, the transition was a quick and effortless task. They uploaded out information, scanned in the talent images and provided daily support until my staff was comfortable using the system. Additionally, management has always been most receptive to our suggestions and made themselves readily accessible to answering questions. TAS has become an essential part of the life of Emerge, we strongly recommend using it! "

Holly Caputo | Emerge Talent
Miami, New York, Orlando

"Well what can I say, as one of technologies greatest critics & lovers, I absolutely love 800Casting. You can literally run your entire agency on it and best of all it is an evolving system that develop as the needs arise, and not three years down the line but every month I see new developments on it. My client?s continually remark about the professional presentations. Wow, I am impressed; this technology actually works for me. Well done!"

Robert Lincoln | Lincoln Management
Las Vegas, NV