A worldwide solution service for all directors, producers, filmmakers and TV professionals, and other industry casting professionals! Company is always vigilant about finding ways to serve and has secured its place in the entertainment industry as the number one innovator of casting software which continues to expand and develop exciting new services for filmmakers, casting directors, and talent representatives. Today, the company is introducing a completely FREE new service called Cast Assist™ which helps all casting directors and filmmakers simplify and enhance their work process by selecting the right cast. An important part of a film production includes having to cast the right talent for the role. But how do you know when you are casting the right person for the part? Using Cast Assist™ service will enable you to increase your chances of selecting a suitable talent for the project. Donald DiPrima, co-founder of 800casting, says, “Working with Cast Assist is a piece of cake, user doesn’t have to learn any software or fill out long forms; users simply have to email their breakdown and details to auditions@800casting.com and a complete package, which movie producers and casting directors can review, will be created for them.” Your time and energy is everything. With the number of people having access to the public breakdown lists, you can be sure that the casting will have hundreds (if not thousands) of submissions minutes after the job is published, which always results in an excessive amount of unqualified talent submissions which can hinder the selection process. In an interview, Akash Kava, a software architect behind the creation of Cast Assist™ said, “Cast Assist is designed to combat the unqualified submission problem. Our team of trained casting assistants works closely with your production staff to eliminate unqualified submissions, request self-taped remote auditions from those who are qualified and present the qualified talent for your review. You can choose how many auditions you would like to receive, and every rejected audition is stored in a dismissed folder for immediate recall”. The casting process can be frustrating and monotonous. Which can force you to make the rookie producing mistake of rushing through the casting process. When you settle with a cast you are not satisfied with, it could lead to some major problems on the set later when it’s too late and too expensive to recast. Producers, directors, network and studio executives, agents, photographers, production companies, advertising agencies, modelling agencies, etc. will benefit a lot from this new service Cast Assist™ which breathes life into projects by making life easy and helps to choose the perfect cast for a film, TV show, play, or other production. Cast Assist™ is the only casting service that offers a free service which streamlines the casting submission process to save you time, energy and money with a fully integrated talent casting solutions thereby eliminating an unqualified candidate. 800Casting urges all casting directors, producers, talent agencies and all industry professionals to take advantage of this never before service Cast Assist™ free of charge. There is no doubt that until today 800Casting in the entertainment industry has always remained at the forefront and continues to help clients receive, review, and manage audition notices and submissions. There is absolutely no restriction regarding the number of submissions that clients should receive for review, which makes Cast Assist™ more outstanding and worthy of its praise. 800Casting maintains the entertainment industry’s leading integrated talent database and casting software. This software narrows submissions by specific criteria such as performance skills and physical attributes, add promising candidates to a personalized list while searching talent and exporting submittals for easier casting outreach and management, all in one central dashboard through the website https://800casting.com. If you are currently considering working with 800Casting to start utilizing the Cast Assist™ feature or other talent-related services, feel free to get in touch anytime. Our multilingual and adept staff is available for any questions you might have. Get started: For more information about Cast Assist™, go to https://800casting.com and register for FREE to create a unique username and password. Once you have created your free account, you will be able to manage all of your registered talents from one single dashboard, receive notices, responses and submit all from one account. “CAST ASSIST™: Virtual Assistant for all your Casting needs.” Social profile information: Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/800casting/ Twitter:  https://twitter.com/800casting/ Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/800casting/ Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/800casting/ To know more please contact: Company Name: 800Casting Contact Person: Donald DiPrima & Akash Kava Email: auditions@800casting.com Country: United States Phone: +1-701-401-0836 Website:  https://800casting.com VIDEO (YouTube):  https://youtu.be/IJVuL-rmfXc Press Release:  https://www.send2press.com/wire/800casting-introduces-a-quick-and-easy-fix-to-all-casting-problems-cast-assist/  
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