** Available for both MAC and PC **

New Innovative, time saving, user friendly software is now available for industry professionals which seamlessly interfaces with Talent Agency Software, talent’s 800Casting multi-media profiles and Audition800.

Audition scheduling can be a headache… dealing with agents, wading through talent, distributing breakdowns. You don't want to waste your time with under-qualified actors. Now you don't have to trudge through countless portfolios or hire extra staff to do that.

This innovative software called 800Client is your ultimate organizer. The software is web based and available 24/7 from any Internet connection. It is secure and safe. What's more it is a huge time saver. You can type, download and transmit your breakdowns, audition parameters, even scripts and distribute them to your selected agencies and talent. Paired with our Audition800 software, you have the capability to electronically submit casting requirements to agencies worldwide and seek out the talent you want, not what they want you to see.

Search Engine capability
You set the filters. Are you looking for a middle-aged black woman, a loveable three year old or an Irish guy in his twenties? Parameters can be set by any category through the use of keywords, checkbox selections or fill-in-the-blanks just like Google or any other the search engine you use on the web. Sort talent by gender, age, physical characteristics, professional experience, talent skills, or any number of criteria. Do you need someone with martial art skills, someone who also has modeling experience, someone who can sing or play the piano, or someone who can ride bareback? Are you looking for union, non-union or unrepresented talent? This program lets you specify your requirements, only the people you seek come into view on your monitor.

Immediately, over a conference table, on the set, or during a power lunch, you can bring up the talent you want to review for every project in the works. Plus, you can forward any talent’s multimedia profile by Electronic Submission to your associates. Now everyone can see the talent you are considering, spontaneously.

You can have confidence that your information is password protected and virus free. Nobody else will be able to access your data unless you give them permission to do so.

800Client proficiently handles audition scheduling and callbacks. You submit the breakdown to specific agencies you trust, or through the network in mass. As submissions come in, make your selections, and allow the software to schedule and organize your auditions or callback in an orderly fashion. All you do is set the time span. Why spend hours on the phone when a quick email does all that for you?

Scripts and Sides
Scripts and sides can be included within each breakdown for retrieval by agents and actors at no cost.

Submissions may be requested by hard copy packages, electronic submissions or you may capture and manage audition sessions worldwide through the use of our Audition800 software. The Talent Agency Software interface increases efficiency in ways that were not considered possible just a few years ago. Agents now have the ability to provide call times, booking sheets and any information necessary to complete union forms, all made instantly available in a professional format through the 800Client--TAS800 interface. With the use of Audition800 both agents and talent can stream audio and video demos to your attention from any high speed electronic device.

The most important feature is the software’s ability to immediately upload your completed auditions for client review. Just click a button and email the link to your client. Your client will have immediate access to still images, video tracks, talent multi-media profiles, sizes, audition comments and logs.

When you have innovative, quality, easily accessible and adaptable technology available to you, why wouldn't you utilize it?  Here's the best part. It is available RIGHT NOW, and it is FREE to industry professionals.

That's correct. It costs you nothing to use this innovative software. Hundreds of Industry professionals have already included 800Client within their core operation. If you are looking for the best software for the talent industry, register now.

Software features:

  • User friendly
  • Interfaces with agencies, talent and other industry professionals
  • Available 24/7 from any Internet connection
  • Transmits data from breakdowns and attaches sides or scripts
  • Edits selections by characteristic, including pictures, audio and video
  • Confidentially stores client data and breakdowns for instant retrieval
  • Organize scheduling tasks and callbacks
  • Instantly receives Station 12 and Taft Hartley information
  • Provides clear, precise client and project management
  • Filters talent prior to casting, then arranges them and assigns call times


 Without Men"

Christian Slater with director Gabriela Tagliavini

"Finally a casting software that REALLY works, connecting actors with agents, producers and directors."

Gabriela Tagliavini, film director.
Director's Reel

"The anecdotal comments are to numerous to list, but they basically all add up to we love it."

Brad Batchelor, Filmmaker, Director
Flying Scotsman Productions
Directors Reel

"This software is excellent, what a professional presentation ."

Michael Glossman,Director
ProTec Productions
West Sussex, England

"This is clearly the best software for this application ever written. Nothing else even comes close."

Dr. Alisun Pawley
BBC Music Industry Consultant