"As a casting director with more than 30 years’ experience, I frequently audition talent, that have little or no knowledge of exactly what is expected during the audition process. I highly recommend that every talent both actors and models alike take a commercial workshop that teaches commercial audition. There is a world of difference between the talent that has been exposed to formal training and those that have had no training! In most cases it is not good enough to be “just another pretty face.

Barbara DiPrima                                   
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Auditions are not always a one-on-one process. Often talents are paired with other talent for the audition in advance. By being late, you may lose your opportunity to audition or will most probably cause the casting process to get backed up. Be punctual!


The producer hires a casting director to find the talent, for commercials, film, TV series music videos etc. The casting director prepares for the casting audition in what is known as the "Prep Session." If the client is a SAG signatory (required to use union talent, when available) the casting director will make every attempt to interview all suitable union talent prior to interviewing any non-union talent. Only after all available and qualified SAG (union) talent has been seen, will the casting director interview non-union talent. If the client is not a SAG signatory only non-union talent will qualify for the audition. Read: "What Casting Directors Look For"


Your agents will electronically submit your 800Casting profile to the casting director or other clients for consideration. The client software provides functionality which allows client to further request that talent customize an audition for further review. This process is known as the “Audition Invitation” where the talent receives a specific Email request to provide current images and a video clips.

If you receive an “Audition Invitation,” you can assume that you are under consideration, so follow the Email instructions carefully.
The casting director or other client then looks over all the submissions and calls the agents to provide "time slots" for the various talent the casting director or client feels are right for the part.

(Call Times) are time assignments granted to an agent for the purpose of auditioning their selected talent. One or two time slots are generally provided. With hundreds of agents throughout each state, casting directors or clients provide few time slots per agent. Occasionally, a casting director will provide additional time slots to agents who have convinced the casting director that he / she has a new talent, which the agent feels is right for the part. Time slots are literally, "valuable moments of time," sought by agents and talent alike. Union castings require the casting directors to adhere to assigned times slots. If you, the talent, are running late, notify your agent. A good casting director will run very close to schedule. Talent should be punctual.

Attach a print out of your 800Casting profile which provides the client with additional helpful information.

When talent arrives at the casting location: Sign in and then review any posted information informing about the audition or project (distribution, callback date, shoot date, location of shoot etc.) Read: "What Casting Directors Look For"

The casting director first sees many actors for each role he / she are casting. Casting directors then makes a choice of which talent they will bring in to meet the producer and director. This is called a callback, generally the final audition prior to talent selection.

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) represents actors. SAG is the union which negotiates the standards and working conditions for professional actors. You must qualify to become a union member. All talent who are not union qualified are considered Non-Union.

Union members are NOT eligible for non-union work.
There is no union restriction on Print work.

Any company, advertising agency, production company, etc. who has previously signed a labor agreement, is required to use SAG talent. Non-union talent may only audition for a union project after the SAG talent pool has been exhausted. In certain instances the client, advertising agency or the director many not find who he is looking for within the SAG talent pool; in which case non-union talent may be considered. If selected for a principle role in a union production, the non-union talent becomes “SAG-Eligible,” and is faced with two possibilities: (1) immediately join the union and pay the initiation fee (2) if possible, be granted a one-time waiver.

Florida and North Carolina are Right to Work States which means that you do not have to be a member of any union or other form of labor organization. As a result of this state law, numerous production companies film throughout these states to take advantage of the lower talent cost. . As a union talent (member of SAG) talent payment is according to a negotiated "scale" rate. On the other hand non-union talent are generally paid less... clients dictate prices. …

Note: In California and New York there is limited commercial or film work for non-union talent.


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