Audtion800 (Patent Pending)

Your profile contains an “Auditions” tab with the following drop-down options:

   1. BREAKDOWNS - review and submit for auditions
   2. AUDITION INVITATIONS - provide auditions by invitation
   3. EXPRESS AUDITION - audition for any client, in or out of network

For remote locations, use our Free iPhone/Android Application "Audition800."


This innovative technology literally brings the talent to your computer screen at a touch of a button.

Remote Auditions:
At your discretion you may request pre-selected agents and/or talent to remotely record, then instantly upload their audition and multi-media profiles for your review. Electronic submissions arrive and can be catalogued by agency, role and talent name. Selection shortlists can be saved, interfaced with current projects and forwarded to clients or associates for collaboration.

In-House Auditions or on Location Auditions:
Upon check in, talent provides the audition director with their 800Casting Talent ID number, which in turn bar-codes all necessary talent information. There is no longer a need for talent to complete Talent Information forms. Talent who are not members of 800Casting may be added during check in.

Talent may be auditioned in any order as the Audition800 will automatically sequentially order and number the talent for the various casting logs. Each audition can accommodate multiple digital images, voice-over clips, video tracks, talent grouping as necessary as well as the talent's headshot, stats, resume and links to the talent’s multi-media profile. At the conclusion of the audition, the session may be uploaded to any number of recipients no matter where they are.

Your clients will have the ability to review and download individual video tracks, headshots, enlarged profile images, resumes, size cards and talent logs, as well as open and view individual 800Casting profiles.




"I believe 800Casting is absolutely the most professional and best organized site for any talent, even if they have their own website!! I have my pictures, reels, voice over files, and, of course, almost everything I can ever remember doing on the resume. I highly recommend them!! And their support team can and will help you with any questions you may have."

Michael Ray Davis
ID: 13179

"Thank you SO, SO, SO incredibly much, you have no idea how much it is appreciated. My absolute best to whoever read my message and understood what it's like to be on this side of the fence, BEST REGARDS!
Can't say Thank You enough for this software,”

Anais Alvarez
ID: 63924

"Thank you again for all your help a few weeks ago. We already got a call (thanks to your suggestions) and had our very first audition this weekend in Orlando (Link Agency). Thank you again. I could NOT have done any of this without your wise counsel!"

Jen Henriksen
ID: 19515

"Wow, I didn't even think you guys (or girls) would get this till Monday, very prompt. My first audition ever went well and I got a supporting role in an independent film.... 800Casting was recommended to me and I can tell why - very professional, thank you!"

Linus Matusik
ID: 38406

"Fantastic software. VERY organized!
Great customer service! Many thanks.”

Michael Chase
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